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产品名称:RK097 外形尺寸:9mm 输出信号:双联 轴套材质:金属 轴心材质:金属 负载功率:0.025w 旋转寿命:15000
产品名称:ED2232 外形尺寸:22mm 输出信号:10P/20P 360° 定位点:10CC/20CC 旋转寿命:30000
产品名称:ED2812 外形尺寸:28mm 输出信号:15P 定位点:30CC 旋转寿命:30000
产品名称:ED5612 外形尺寸:56mm 输出信号:15P 定位点:30CC 旋转寿命:30000
ED06 (smt)
产品名称:ED0612 产品外形:6mm 输出信号:6P 定位点:12CC 焊接方式:贴片 旋转寿命:30000
产品名称:ED0612 产品外形:6mm 输出信号:6P 定位点:12CC 焊接方式:贴片 旋转寿命:30000
产品名称:拨盘RK101SGVA01 外形尺寸:10mm 联数:双联带开关 旋转寿命:15000
产品名称:拨盘RK101GVA01 外形尺寸:10mm 联数:双联 旋转寿命:15000
touch switch 6mm
产品名称:轻触开关 外形尺寸:6mm 脚位:4脚圆柄 按压寿命:100000
touch switch (With lamp)7mm
产品名称:轻触开关 外形尺寸:7mm 脚位:4脚柄带蓝灯 按压寿命:100000
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    Dongguan Fanrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has professional technical and management personnel, and equipped with advanced testing and production equipment for the company's products, enabling the company to design and manufacture various hardware and plastic moulds from product drawings to product spare parts, the production of spare parts and the integration of the final product.
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    The company has many professional engineers with rich working experience.,And strong sales team and professional after-sales service。
    High cost performance Domestic price, international quality
    The company takes its own key technologies and research as the leading factor, gathers all kinds of advanced technologies and resources in the industry, builds the core competitiveness of enterprises, creates coders and potentiometers with leading domestic technologies, and comprehensively implements IS9001 international quality management system and IS14001 environmental protection management system to meet the export needs of more customers.
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    The company adheres to the principle of quality-oriented, honesty and credit first, and serves old and new customers enthusiastically. With professional, dedicated and dedicated spirit of enterprise, it constantly innovates to provide customers with high cost-effective and reliable products and services.
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    Dongguan Fanrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design and manufacture of integrated encoders, potentiometers, multi-way switches and micro-switches.

    At the beginning of the company's establishment, it has been committed to gradually shift from the traditional production mode to the semi-automatic and fully automatic production mode. At present, it has completed multi-series and multi-variety automated mass production. The production efficiency and product quality can be improved across the board. The parts are made up to 90%. The products are vertically integrated from design, production and sales, and meet the needs of customers.

    电位器是一种常见的电子元器件,今天来介绍市场上常用的几种电位器,及这些电位器的优缺点 一、合成……
    电位器是一种常见的电子元器件,今天来介绍市场上常用的几种电位器,及这些电位器的优缺点 一、合成……
    Design and Manufacture of Encoder, Potentiometer, Multiplex Switch and Micro Switch
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