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The company has the most professional product equipment level and management personnel, and is equipped with different types of high-tech detection and manufacturing equipment products for the company's unit products and equipment, so that the company can design from the drawings and drawings of the products and equipment. The design and manufacture of different types of hardware and plastic molds for product equipment parts and components, the manufacture of spare parts and the assembly of final product equipment are completed in an integrated operation. It has the quality advantage, price advantage, delivery advantage and intimate service advantage of the company.


Design and Manufacture of Encoder, Potentiometer, Multiplex Switch and Micro Switch
Address:chashan north road, chashan town, dongguan city(Jingshan third industrial zone)
Hong Kong address:Room 1505, 15 / f, huabo commercial building, 3 houfuk street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong  
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