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Dongguan Fanrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design and manufacture of integrated encoders, potentiometers, multi-way switches and micro-switches.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, it has been committed to gradually shift from the traditional production mode to the semi-automatic and fully automatic production mode. At present, it has completed multi-series and multi-variety automated mass production. The production efficiency and product quality can be improved across the board. The parts are made up to 90%. The products are vertically integrated from design, production and sales, and meet the needs of customers.

Products are widely used in automotive electronics, home audio, multimedia, mixers, walkie-talkies, electronic toys, household appliances and 3C. All products are ROHS compliant.

The company strictly establishes a quality assurance system in accordance with the ISO9001 international standards and passes ISO1400 environmental certification.

Design and Manufacture of Encoder, Potentiometer, Multiplex Switch and Micro Switch
Address:chashan north road, chashan town, dongguan city(Jingshan third industrial zone)
Hong Kong address:Room 1505, 15 / f, huabo commercial building, 3 houfuk street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong  
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